The Parish of Our Lady Queen of Poland in Anin

        Anin housing estate has emerged from breaking up Wilanów forests among the old  railroad of Trakt Brzeski and Kaczy Dół. The name Anin came from count Ksawery Branicki’s wife Anna.  In 1912 the breaking up of Old Anin has ended and this date appoints history of housing estate exactly.
        Firstly Anin was only a summer house village, but when the first settlements came they build a small wooden chapel. Structure of chapel has been started in 1915. The solemn consecration was performed by parish-priest Kajrugszto. At the beginning masses where said only at summer season. Constant services started after first world war, when Anin become a fashionable and snobbish Warsaw estate, where artists, Warsaw intellectuals and people who had problems with their lungs where coming to settle down. First chaplain who settled down was Teofil Penkala, lung illness priest. His successor priest Henryk Bogacki, seeing so many parishioners coming to church, decided to enlarge the chapel.
        Nevertheless chapel  was still not big enough for quickly growing community. Thus in 1936 come up project to build a new bigger church. Unfortunately the outbreak of the second world war in 1939 has buried all plans. After the war church authorities made up decision to rebuild a parish of Our Lady Queen of Poland in Anin. The first parish-priest was Piotr Pieniążek.
        He was a great and energetic household keeper. In 1948 he started building presbytery and vestry and in 1949 a parish house, which should turn into a local cultural center for habitants. When in 1951 the building was ready the communistic government confiscated it and turned it into a small cinema called “Wrzos”.

        During celebrations of the millenium of the baptism of Poland in 1966 parishioners submited as a millennium separate vote for building a new temple. According to architect Zygmunt Stępiński the temple should been a memorial of murdered in 1939 habitants of Anin and Wawer.
        In 1976 the building has started. In September this year a new parish-priest Wiesław Kalisiak has taken the trouble to administer the parish. To his uninterrupted and unexhausted work we owe finalizing this beautiful church.
        At 12th  December 1976 Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński the Primate of Poland has consecrate the temples cornerstone. At this ceremony took part also priest Jerzy Popiełuszko who at this time was working as a vicar in our parish.
        The church was built through next four years and after that at 13th December 1980 Archbishop
Bronisław Dąbrowski moved the Holy Sacrament to new building. Inside it artist-sculptor Władysław Trojan  has made wooden high altar presenting “burning bush”. Teresa Reklewska has made the stained glass.
        At 13th June 1992 Primate of Poland with first Warsaw- Prague Diocese Ordinary Bishop Kazimierz Romaniuk and Household of Parish, Canon Priest Wiesław Kalisiak made solemn consecration of the new church dedicated to Our Lady Queen of Poland in Anin. 
        Priest Wiesław Kalisiak died on October 24th  2006.
        At 3rd December 2006 a new parish-priest Canon Stanisław Markowski started to administer the parish.

Translated by Justyna Czarnecka